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eagleprojecttracking is a district tool that we developed over a 5 year period in the Mt. Nebo District to track all eagle candidates coming in for their project approval through the board of review that all districts can use.  We also use it to communicate with all Eagle Coaches and District Advancement Committee members.  Check out the short demo video of what you can do with this tool.  There is also a more detailed video you can watch on

See what districts are saying about it:
I absolutely love using this tool!  The Eagle Project information is accessible to each Eagle Coach as well as all relevant documents and helps them track the young men they are working with.  I was able to sort the records and look at boys that are getting close to their 18th birthday and give them a phone call to motivate them.  I can’t imagine being the District Advancement Chair without this tool.  This will make your position so much more enjoyable.
        – DaLayn Bing (Mount Nebo District Advancement Chairman 2011-14)
I think this website tool is awesome and I wish all districts used it!  It helps keep track so no one gets lost in the cracks.
        – Debby Robert (Utah National Parks Council Eagle Secretary)

Please share this with anyone that you think would benefit from this tool!

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