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Need Help Tracking Scouting Progress?

Need Help Tracking Scouting Progress

Scouts, Scout parents, Scout leaders:
Does this scouting story sound familiar to you?

Since the time he was in the Webelos Den, Kaden has said he wants to earn his Eagle Scout Rank; but these days he’s busier in school and with an expanding social schedule, scouts has dropped out of his priorities. Besides, merit badges and camp-outs just don’t sound fun anymore. Mom doesn’t know how to figure out the Scout Handbook. The requirements, it seems, are changing each year and it’s hard enough to keep up with the daily to do’s. Kaden is a good kid. Because he’s been active with his friends in his scout troop as he’s grown up, and because he’s had good scout leaders, he was a Life Scout by the time he turned 14. But, Kaden eventually turns 18 before earning his Eagle rank. If only he and his mom knew that all he had to do was complete an Eagle Project and earn one more elective merit badge. If only they’d had a chart or an easy to follow list, he wouldn’t have missed out on this opportunity.

There are many reasons why only 4-5% of registered scouts earn the rank of Eagle Scout. The requirements take work, yes, but that isn’t the main reason. The main reason is because to many parents, like Kaden’s, Boy Scout requirements are a mystery. They don’t know enough to encourage and guide their sons’ progress.

What if there were an easy to read, easy to keep record; one small folder which made the steps to Eagle Scout clear? What if there were a painless and foolproof system for parents and boys to keep up?

Scout leaders, what if there was an easy way for you to help your scouts and parents keep track of where they are and what they still have left to work on?  What if you could increase your percentage of Eagle Scout completion in your unit?

In the next blog post, I will introduce you to an awesome tool that we have created to help you do just that.

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