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Hi, We are Jason & Laura Petty.  We love and have been involved in Scouting all our lives.

Jason’s scout leaders, Harold and Judith Obray, inspired him when he was young.  He has never lost the love for Scouting that they instilled in him.  In his youth, he earned his Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts.  In Boy Scouts he earned his Eagle Rank when he was 14 years old.  He is also a proud member of the Order of the Arrow Brotherhood.

family_aboutOur whole family has been very involved with Scouting for years.  Our oldest son, JB, is an Eagle Scout and had a goal to do it quicker than his dad.  He earned his Eagle Scout Rank when he was 13 (two months before he turned 14).  Our youngest son, Ty, had a goal to earn his Eagle Scout Rank quicker than his big brother.  He did beat him by a few months and also finished when he was 13.  He has been the Chapter Chief in the local chapter of the Order of the Arrow Brotherhood for a little over 1 year now.

We have twin daughters, Emily and Sabrina, who are as involved in Scouting as you can be without being registered members.  They both have the Scout Oath and Law memorized.  They both attended Boy Scouts of America National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) because they love what Scouting stands for and wanted to be a part of it.  Our two sons and Jason all serve on staff each year on an NYLT course here in our council.

Laura is currently the Advancement Chairman in our unit and has also been very involved in the Cub Scout program.  She has also served on staff for many Scout training classes.

Jason has served in many Scouting positions locally and at a council level in the Utah National Parks Council like the following:

  • Cub Committee Chairman (1 year)
  • Varsity Coach (5 years)
  • New Scout Leader (4 years)
  • Assistant Scoutmaster (1 year)
  • Eagle Coach (6 years)
  • Utah National Parks Council Eagle Project Approval Coordinator (5 years)
  • Utah National Parks Council Eagle Coach Trainer (5 years)
  • Scoutmaster for NYLT Course (2 Years)

Our family loves Scouting!  We love what it does for boys and how it changes their lives along with our lives by serving them.  We hope you enjoy the content we provide on this website and hope it is useful in your Scouting efforts.

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